About Clean Hydrogen Technologies

There’s a global energy crisis happening at the moment and it has already hit the shores of Australia.

Gas shortages and skyrocketing prices are headline news. BPH has invested in two companies we think can help fill the gap and smooth the transition to renewables, while still meeting our growing national energy requirements.

The most recent acquisition is a 10% stake in Clean Hydrogen Technologies in the USA, who are using their own unique catalysts and bespoke engineering processes to generate clean hydrogen and conductive carbon used to manufacture batteries. The global hydrogen market is projected to grow from less than US$100 billion in 2021 to over US$200 billion by 2030.

In addition, Advent Energy is an unlisted oil & gas exploration and production company based in Perth, Western Australia. Advent have assembled an attractive portfolio of assets both on and offshore Australia that have had an estimated $81 million spent on historic exploration. There is a long history of safe drilling in offshore waters. The permits are located next to a ready market and/or excellent infrastructure, maximising Advent’s ability to optimise any resources.

BPH and Advent have a further first right of refusal to invest in Clean Hydrogen Technologies for an additional 10% stake.

To invest in BPH, along with the rest of our portfolio, you can buy shares on the Australian Stock Exchange: ASX BPH.

Or, to read more about Clean Hydrogen Technologies or Advent Energy and their potential, see below.

Clean Hydrogen Technologies

Clean Hydrogen Technologies is a USA Delaware registered company with technology to produce clean hydrogen.  They are currently building a system for commercial use, using their own unique catalysts and bespoke engineering processes, to generate clean hydrogen and conductive carbon used to manufacture batteries. The production of the two valuable products comes from processing natural gas with no CO2 emissions.

Their capabilities will help their customers accelerate their path to CO2 neutral, using an abundant natural resource, natural gas, with comprehensive existing infrastructure and supply chains in place. Their system has a modular based system design for supply to large scale solutions to meet upstream natural gas processing or downstream small scale needs to support hydrogen hubs for transport.

As part of their ongoing innovation and development they have filed 2 comprehensive patents in the USA and plan to continue to file further patents over the coming months. These patents reflect their capabilities at producing clean hydrogen and conductive carbon black with no CO2 emissions.

Clean Hydrogen Technologies are making the US market a key focus of their development plans. The US government has announced a funding of $9.5bn for the hydrogen industry, as part of the broader $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed by President Joe Biden.

Hydrogen demand in the United States is projected to reach up to 73 million metric tons by 2050 largely driven by its use as transportation fuel.